The Fondazione Luigi Rovati, in collaboration with the publishing house Johan & Levi, has begun producing published works focused on topics of antiquity, in particular archaeology and collecting.

The Fondazione Luigi Rovati combines its initiatives of dissemination and exhibition with research, as its publishing represents a way of exploring the areas of archaeology, history and art in greater depth. The coming opening of the Museum of Art will heighten the Foundation’s active contribution to study of the cultural heritage, plus its solid ties with academic institutes and research centres, both in Italy and abroad.


The published series Atti (“Proceedings”) gives voice to the Foundation’s convention activities, publishing the contributions of scholars who present in-depth studies in the fields of activity and analysis in which the FLR is active.


In addition to publication of the “Atti” series, the FLR’s research and dissemination initiatives include the Cahiers line of publications: agile volumes that bring to Italy for the first time, or bring back to light, stories of collections, digs and explorations.