The Foundation is named after Luigi Rovati, a physician, researcher and pharmaceutical entrepreneur honoured by the Italian Republic with the titles of Knight of Labour and Knight of the Grand Cross of Merit. In 1961 he founded Rotta Research Laboratorium in Monza, leading this pioneering biotech firm, an international standout in the research and development of new pharmaceuticals, to become one of Italy’s foremost multinational manufacturers in the sector.

His keen awareness of history, archaeology and research continue to inspire the Foundation, which has developed his ideas as part of the continuum of art and science that underlies the production of culture in any society of knowledge.


 «The ties between history and art are fascinating. Understanding how a given people is linked to its artistic expressions, how changing styles of art mirror changes in society, is an exhilarating exercise. Recognising these ties helped me understand peoples far removed from myself in terms of time and space, establishing the foundations of my vision of how to do business.