The Fondazione Luigi Rovati Collection
Study and Research

The Fondazione Luigi Rovati promotes the research, study, cataloguing, preservation, restoration and exhibition of its resources, both tangible and intangible.
The archaeological and artistic collections of the Fondazione Luigi Rovati, which are displayed in the Museum’s rooms and kept in its storage facilities, serve as key elements of the Art Museum’s exhibitions, be they permanent or temporary.
Resources are shared with cultural institutions, both in Italy and abroad, through lending.
The Foundation maintains working agreements with the departments of archaeology of the University of Milan and the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, as well as Italy’s National Institute of Etruscan and Italic Studies, the Italian National Research Council and the École Normale Supérieure, so as to promote scholarly initiatives consistent with the areas of research pursued by the Museum, especially in the field of Etruscan art.

When a research project calls for the viewing or study of artefacts or works kept in the Foundation’s collections, a formal request can be presented to the Museum’s Curator, Dr. Giulio Paolucci, who oversees the procedure, coordinating and supervising all the working phases while offering the necessary academic consulting and assistance, whether on-site at the Museum or by correspondence.


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