The Art Museum offers a fascinating journey through time, from antiquity to the present day: a common thread is the Etruscan civilization, told through the artifacts of a flourishing culture that, at the transition between prehistory and history, developed its own refined art and was able to
integrate influences that came from far-flung places in the ancient world.

On the underground floor of the Museum are ancient artifacts that tell, thanks in part to videos and projections, about the cities, dwellings, society, religion, the relationship between man and nature, and the art and writing of the Etruscans, counterpointed by works by artists of our time such as William Kentridge, Lucio Fontana, and Pablo Picasso. On the main floor of the palace, contemporary works of art, some created on commission, are the protagonists of the exhibition itinerary, which continues the dialogue with Etruscan objects, making evident the link between past and present.

The educational paths enhance the uniqueness of the Museum and are inspired by the principles of the Fondazione Luigi Rovati with interdisciplinary, inclusive and creative activities.