Fondazione Luigi Rovati for MuseoCity


MuseoCity is an initiative created in 2018 to tell the story of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Milan. Already the following year FLR joined the event by exceptionally opening the doors of its site at Corso Venezia 52 for the entire day on Sunday, March 3. It was an extraordinary opening on the occasion of the edition dedicated to nature, in which Fondazione displayed a preview in the Palazzo's hallway of two Etruscan cinerary urns from the 2nd century B.C., decorated with molds and typical of the clay production of the city of Chiusi.


At the 2020 MuseoCity edition, FLR, took part digitally by presenting a preview of an Etruscan bronze statuette dating from the 5th century B.C. and dedicated to Menerva. Postponed from March to July due to the health emergency, the event was dedicated to women, protagonists of art and culture, and in line with the cultural schedule of the City of Milan.


Fondazione Luigi Rovati has therefore chosen to present an artifact belonging to its collections, an Etruscan female deity: a bronze statuette depicting the goddess Menerva, one of the most important of the Etruscan cult, identified with the Greek Athena and the Roman Minerva (also known for her power to hurl lightning).
According to the Etruscans, deities inhabited the celestial sphere, and through the phenomena and signs observed in the sky, Etruscan priests interpreted the divine wills that controlled every aspect of earthly life.