Biennale Monza 2023


Until 10 December, the Belvedere della Reggia di Monza hosts the 10th Biennale Monza 2023.


This tenth edition expands its aesthetic perspectives by involving different artistic disciplines, from traditional craftsmanship, such as ceramics, to sound experimentation, which verges on the abstraction of the work. This widening represents a response to the complex nature of contemporary art, which escapes the traditional categories and generates a variety of expressions that are difficult to classify in terms of conventional artistic genres.


With a total of ten participating academies, each presenting three artists, what makes this Biennale unique is its commitment towards involving artists with disabilities, demonstrating that art is a powerful means of social inclusion. The Mayor of Monza, Paolo Pilotto, and the Councillor for Culture, Arianna Bettin, introduced this new edition: "Art, especially contemporary art, with its ability to reflect the interiority and creativity of artists, has proved to be an extraordinary tool for practising and not simply proclaiming inclusion, in a profoundly radical and revolutionary way".


The initiative aims to demonstrate how certain conventions and boundaries that exist in society are blurred, and even the notion of 'disability' itself dissolves when faced with the power of art, capable of breaking down barriers and uniting people in an authentic way, overcoming prejudice and discrimination.

The Biennale Monza 2023 is supported by the Fondazione Luigi Rovati and promoted by the Comune di Monza and the Rotary Club Monza.



Biennale Monza 2023 | The Biennale of Academies

curated by Daniele Astrologo Abadal

7 October - 10 December

Belvedere della Reggia di Monza


© Eleonora Rinaldi - "The fall of the flute fish".