Fondazione Donna: The Horizons of Beauty

Fondazione Luigi Rovati inaugurated its collaboration with Fondazione Donna by participating in the event Gli Orizzonti della Bellezza (Horizons of Beauty) on September 17 at the Sala Alessi in Palazzo Marino in Milan (Piazza Scala 2).

Fondazione Donna is a Milan-based non-profit organization established with the aim of protecting, supporting and sustaining women and their health.

The event, with free admission, helped open new horizons in which beauty can be found, delving into its different expressions thanks to the interventions of scholars and experts who offered interesting insights. Speakers included philosopher and journalist Umberto Galimberti, plastic surgeon Valerio Perrone and Brera Art Gallery director James Bradburne.

During the day, Fondazione Luigi Rovati displayed an Etruscan bronze mirror from its collections. Always linked to beauty, in ancient civilizations the mirror was a refined and precious object in use in daily life and specifically could be part of the funeral trousseau of Etruscan women, rich and elegant and among the freest of all ancient societies.