FLR and CCW together for the first Culture and Health Master’s program

Begun in July 2021, the collaboration with the Cultural Welfare Center school fits into the philosophy most deeply rooted in the Foundation's soul: the hybridization of the worlds of culture, health and social work, along with entrepreneurship and research.

"This collaboration is consistent with the Foundation's commitment to support and encourage scientific research: in our family and business history, we have always believed in the relationship between art and science and have experimented and applied it in our business activities. With the opening of the Art Museum in Milan, we want to create a center for the study of the relationship between Art and Medicine, Art for the promotion of Health and for the care of people, but also art as a training tool for social and health workers," explains Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati, Vice President of the Foundation and member of CCW's Knowledge Community. "In the global knowledge-based economy, quality human capital, training and research are the enabling factors for the development of an increasingly sustainable and inclusive society."

For the first edition in Italy of the Executive Master's Program "Culture & Health": Fondazione Luigi Rovati has funded 13 scholarships with the intention of providing a new training opportunity for professionals working in the fields of culture and health. The goal of the course is the creation of a common language that can act as a bridge between worlds that are unaccustomed to dialoguing with each other in order to address complex challenges and support projects with high social impact.