FLR in Cerveteri: excavations and research in the Sanctuary of Manganello

As part of its mission to support archaeological research and development Fondazione Luigi Rovati supports the research project of the excavation campaigns in the archaeological area of Cerveteri (RM), ancient Caere, conducted by the CNR, together with the Municipality of Cerveteri and the non-profit organization A.S.S.O.

The CNR has been working in the urban area of Cerveteri since the 1980s in collaboration with the relevant archaeological superintendence, and the latest campaign took place in the so-called Manganello sanctuary, a small but important sacred area located in front of the Banditaccia necropolis, monumentalized in the classical age near the Manganello city gate.

The analyses and discoveries of the investigations conducted on the site were presented for the first time during the webinar Cerveteri: new excavations and research in the Manganello sanctuary, organized by the Institute of Cultural Heritage Sciences of the National Research Council, at the initiative of Vincenzo Bellelli (scientific head of the CNR research project on the urban area of Cerveteri). In particular, the results of geophysical prospecting conducted in the area outside the sanctuary and the results of the latest excavation campaigns inside the temenos, the sacred enclosure, were presented.

On the occasion of the webinar, the volume Cerveteri, Pyrgi and the Origins of the Etruscans by Sabino De Nisco, edited by Vincenzo Bellelli and Folco Biagi, published by Johan & Levi, was presented.