Imagining the Unification of Italy: the Etruscans in Milan

  • Among the initiatives related to the exhibition The Journey of the Chimera, the conference Imagining the Unification of Italy was held in Milan. The Etruscans in Milan between collecting and protection (May 30 and 31, 2019). The speeches of the two days, animated by important speakers belonging to the academic and professional world related to Etruscology, explored topics related to Etruscan archaeological history and collecting.


  • The first day focused on the figures of great collectors of the last century who contributed to shaping the history of archaeology in Italy, and in Milan in particular, while the second focused on the close link between collecting and protection, starting from the evolution of the laws of the pre-unification period up to the Consolidated Text and the rules of circulation and trade.


  • Following the conference, the Proceedings were published for Johan & Levi types in the volume: Imagining the Unification of Italy. The Etruscans in Milan between collecting and protection.