The Fondazione Luigi Rovati: the Worksite and the Process


A temporary exhibition hosted in the Pavilion, free of charge and entitled The Fondazione Luigi Rovati: the Worksite and the Process. The small-scale display describes the process that led to the transformation of the palazzo at no. 52 Corso Venezia from the residence of the Prince of Piombino to the new headquarters of the Fondazione Luigi Rovati. In addition to retracing the development of the architectural project, the event will describe the Foundation’s conceptual maturation as a cultural infrastructure.


Curated by the steering committee of Mario Abis and Mario Cucinella, and coordinated by Salvatore Settis, the exhibit examines the transformation that saved an uninhabited historic palazzo for community use while creating a new cultural hub of elevated social impact.


The Fondazione Luigi Rovati: The Worksite and the Process

Curated by Salvatore Settis, Mario Abis and Mario Cucinella


Until October 31st


Free entry