Sabrina Mezzaqui. The incorruptible embroidery


Sabrina Mezzaqui returns to Fondazione Luigi Rovati with L'incorruttibile ricamo, a new work in which the visitor is invited to extract from three containers a sentence taken from three books chosen by the artist herself. As in the ancient divinatory practice of bibliomancy, everyone will be able to read and find in that "random" sentence the answer to their questions.
The artist will be present throughout the opening period of the exhibition.


One year after the exhibition La vulnerabilità delle cose preziose (The Vulnerability of Precious Things), Sabrina Mezzaqui returns Sept. 27-30 at Fondazione Luigi Rovati in the Garden Pavilion with her new project, L'incorruttibile ricamo (Incorruptible Embroidery). The work consists of three white containers of thin ceramic, like the blank page "of a book that ideally contains all the words and all the sentences that could still be written in it...." Inside are collected a few sentences from the three books chosen by the artist, transcribed on folded, rolled sheets adorned with small red flowers.

Each visitor will be able to "fish" in the randomness of just one of these slips of paper, and "read and find in that sentence the answer to his or her own questions." The Greeks and Latins called bibliomancy this exercise in divination.
It was also taken up by Christian peoples, who entrusted their questions to the blind scrolling of their hands over the pages of the Bible to stop at a line, at a word, and receive from the depths of the "divine mind" the message sought.


Sabrina Mezzaqui. The incorruptible embroidery
September 27 - 30, 2023 from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.
Art Pavilion of Fondazione Luigi Rovati 
Corso Venezia 52, Milan
Free Entrance