Horizontal Tree



Few things are as dangerous for an artist as trying your hand at Christmas decorating, I would say almost none. If you make it "weird," they destroy you because you wanted to be original at all costs; if you stay in the tradition they destroy you by saying "...and did it take an artist to make this trivial thing?" There's no getting out of it; it's a defeat foretold. This time, however, I have an excuse: in the city of the "Vertical Forest" I am doing a "Horizontal Tree." I couldn't resist, worse for me.

Giancarlo Neri


In the Fondazione's garden, which is open to all, Giancarlo Neri has created the Horizontal Tree, more than 500 white balls that glow with colored lights in the evening.


Vertical Forest? No, Horizontal Tree
Giancarlo Neri
December 6, 2023 - January 14, 2024
Free admission