Workshops for kids: Talking objects


Workshop for kids from 7 to 11 years old

Is the Etruscan language truly mysterious and hard to decipher? We put ourselves to the test with Etruscan writing: learned from the Greeks, it became a powerful tool not only for exchanging experiences, ideas and ritual practices, but also for the people’s self-affirmation. In viewing the artefacts on exhibit, children will learn to compose an Etruscan inscription on pottery or metal sheets.


The workshop is held in Italian.


Saturdays at 4:00 pm
Duration:  75 minutes
Cost of 20€
: a workshop ticket includes the entry fee for one adult

Available upon request


The workshop is held with a minimum of 4 participants; in case of cancellation due to not reaching the minimum number, the ticket is automatically valid for a later date of your choice.
Tickets will always be nonrefundable; changes are possible by contacting the Reservations Office (