Children's Workshops: Gods and Heroes


Laboratorio bambini tra i 6 e gli 11 anni

Drawing inspiration from ancient vascular painting, we paint a small story by harnessing the power of images on a leporello book. The silhouettes of the protagonists stand out against a monochrome background just like the paintings of the Painter of Antimenes or the Berlin Painter. To support us, a technique that allows us to play with the two colors and thus make the protagonists of the story stand out: watercolor.




Workshop children between 7 and 11 years old
Saturday 6/1 - 3/2 - 2/3 | 4 p.m.

Duration 75 minutes

Price 20 euros: with the ticket for the workshop is included admission for one adult


The workshop is held with a minimum of 4 participants; in case of cancellation due to not reaching the minimum number, the ticket is automatically valid for a later date of your choice.

Tickets will always be nonrefundable; changes are possible by contacting the Reservations Office