Children's workshops: ancient and modern bestiaries


Laboratorio bambini tra i 6 e gli 11 anni

An itinerary dedicated to the representation of the animal world in Etruscan and contemporary artistic production: chimeras, griffins, sphinxes, snakes, dragons and other real and fantastic animals become the protagonists of an evocative narrative that reveals to participants the link between man and nature. The viewing of works from historical eras distant in time, such as Etruscan vases and the magical figures of contemporary tapestries, is an opportunity to stimulate the imaginations of girls and boys and bring to life an original mythological and semi-fantastical bestiary populated by new animals, imaginary creatures and ferocious beasts.


The workshop is held in Italian.


Duration: 90 minutes
Cost 20 euros: with the ticket for the workshop, admission for one adult is included
Available upon request


The workshop runs with a minimum of 4 participants; in case of cancellation due to failure to reach the minimum number, the ticket is automatically valid for a later date of your choice.
Tickets will always be nonrefundable; changes are possible by contacting the Reservations Office (