Museo Gentile | Gentle Museum



Fondazione Luigi Rovati Art Museum is a place of excitement, learning and encounters.

It is a place open to everyone without any distinction.

Those who work at the Museum are at the service of those who visit it to welcome, to tell, to explain, to answer all questions, to build experiences together, not only as "special" moments, but as custom.


It is of the public and for the public: it is the Museo Gentile (Gentle Museum).


Museo Gentile is a synthesis of a series of projects specifically designed to welcome people with disabilities, together with their family members, friends and care-givers, through a specific experience of enjoying the Museum and the works of art.




Projects started:


Stare bene insieme /Stayng well together


Museo per tutti /Museum for all


Training and organizational course

A project by Fondazione Luigi Rovati and Cooperativa La Meridiana that redefines the concept of museum access for people with dementia and their caregivers.   Through the Museo per tutti / Museum for all project, the Museum becomes accessible for people with intellectual disabilities through specific paths and tools that enrich its educational offerings, promoting a culture of inclusion.   In collaboration with Cooperativa Il Carro, a course aimed at people with cognitive disabilities, which stimulates and develops the possibility of entering into contact with art, introducing the operation of a structured organization.






Projects in development:


Visits for the blind and visually impaired


Visits for the hearing-impaired



In collaboration with Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano, a project to experience works of art through detailed descriptions, touch and other verbal imaging activities.   Thanks to a collaboration with Ente Nazionale Sordi, a project that focuses on the visual exploration of the exhibition halls, highlighting a selection of works from the collection of the Art Museum.    
Spring 2024   Spring 2024    





For more information about the projects and how to visit, contact: