The stele of Kaminia, the Etruscans and the island of Lemno

An important testimony enriches the section dedicated to writing on the underground floor of Fondazione Luigi Rovati Art Museum: the Kaminia stele.

The video of the study meeting The Kaminia stele, the Etruscans and the island of Lemnos, held on March 6 at the Fondazione Luigi Rovati's conference room, is now made available to all. This was a valuable opportunity to evoke a century of Italian archaeological research on one of the most enigmatic and debated inscriptions in all of classical antiquity, found on the island of Lemnos and now on loan to the Fondazione from the National Archaeological Museum in Athens.



Introduction, greetings and conclusions

Giovanna Forlanelli - President of Fondazione Luigi Rovati

H.E. Eleni Sourani - Ambassador of Greece in Italy

Gemma Sena Chiesa - Professor emeritus of Classical Archaeology Università Statale di Milano

Salvatore Settis - Accademia dei Lincei

Giulio Paolucci - Curator Fondazione Luigi Rovati

Giuseppe Sassatelli - National Institute of Etruscan and Italic Studies


Emanuele Papi - Director of the Italian Archaeological School of Athens, University of Siena

Carlo De Domenico - State University of Milan, Italian Archaeological School of Athens

Riccardo Di Cesare - University of Foggia, Italian Archaeological School of Athens

Germano Sarcone - Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, Italian Archaeological School of Athens