Giacometti. A family of artists

The exhibition Diego, the Other Giacometti, at the Fondazione Luigi Rovati Museum of Art through July 2, is the cue for a conversation about this unique family of artists.

Tiziano Scarpa, writer and playwright, in dialogue with Casimiro Di Crescenzo, curator of the exhibition, recounts the Giacometti family's human and artistic stories.



His father Giovanni is an accomplished post-impressionist painter who was inspired by the light and colors of the mountains of Bregaglia, his home valley; by his side is his wife Annetta, a constant point of reference who makes her the pillar of the family. Then the children: Alberto, the eldest son, the only one who followed in his father's footsteps from an early age and became one of the greatest artists of the 20th century; Diego, whose artistic vocation matured slowly, but who showed from the start that he was a tireless worker with special technical skills; Ottilia, the much-loved daughter who died prematurely at the age of 32; and finally the last born, Bruno, an accomplished architect to whom we owe the Swiss Pavilion at the Venice Biennale.



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