ETRUSCAN TREASURES | Visit with the curators of the exhibition


President Giovanna Forlanelli and director Monica Loffredo introduce the visit to the exhibition "Etruscan Treasures. The Castellani Collection Between History and Fashion," on display until March 3 at the Fondazione Luigi Rovati Art Museum.

Curators Giuseppe Sassatelli and Giulio Paolucci tell the story of the Castellani family, with an in-depth look at the extraordinary antique jewelry from the goldsmith's workshop and the masterpieces in the collection.





Produced in collaboration with the National Etruscan Museum of Villa Giulia in Rome, the exhibition brought to Milan the most important archaeological finds and extraordinary jewelry from the Castellani collection, among Rome's most extensive and prestigious antiquarian collections. The exhibition delves into the history of the Castellani family, its goldsmith store, which launched the fashion of antique jewelry, and its extraordinary collection collected over the years and donated in part to the Villa Giulia Museum in 1919 and in part scattered in museums around the world.


From Dec. 13, the exhibition will be enriched with the Rothschild Collection's Castellani Jewelry: the Castellani jewelry collection of Baroness Charlotte de Rothschild (1822-1899), donated in 1899 to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.