Looking at collections through the eyes of museums


The ACACIA Association presents, in the FORUM900 space, the second appointment of the cycle 'ACACIA Talks 2023' organised on the occasion of its 20th anniversary and dedicated to collections and collectionism.


In the words of the speakers, testimony of the association with museums through the choice of long-term donations and loans. Also in the focus is the theme of the relationship between public and private, which has always been important to the ACACIA Association.



Giovanna Forlanelli, President of the Luigi Rovati Foundation, ACACIA Association Member

Francesca Guicciardi, representing the Panza Family and Collection, Mendrisio

Giacomo Rossi, grandson of Gianni Mattioli



Danka Giacon, Conservator


Thursday 28 September, 6 pm

Admission free subject to availability

Museo del 900

Via Marconi 1, Milan