Luci dalle Tenebre: the First Public Project with Accademia Etrusca


The exhibition “Luci dalle tenebre, dai lumi degli Etruschi ai bagliori di Pompei” curated by Luigi Donati, Paolo Bruschetti, Vittorio Mascelli, will open at the MAEC di Cortona on June 5th. This is the first exhibit dedicated to the illumination in the Etruscan world: the idea is to offer an insight on the techniques and rituals connected to the lighting theme.  Some of the displayed artifacts come from the most prestigious Italian museums: the famous Etruscan bronze chandelier already belongs to the MAEC collection, while the outstanding statue of ephebe, found in Pompeii, is a loan from the Mann of Naples. For this statue, a unique installation has been set up in the Sala dei Mappamondi.

In 2020 Fondazione Luigi Rovati has partnered with Accademia Etrusca di Cortona, a prestigious Tuscan academy that shares with the Fondazione the institutional purpose of enhancing cultural, artistic, and historical heritage, while also promoting scientific research and critical debate on the Etruscan civilization. These two institutions aim to give concrete form to these projects, through shared initiatives designed to spread, deepen, and discuss the topics of common interest. The exhibition “Luci dalle tenebre, dai lumi degli Etruschi ai bagliori di Pompei” is the first public event that marks the beginning of this collaboration. Fondazione Luigi Rovati is proud to support the Accademia Etrusca in this high-profile project, also confirming its desire to encourage a better understanding by the public of the peculiar aspects of the Etruscan civilization.


MAEC – Palazzo Casali, piazza Signorelli – Cortona
June 5 – September 12, 2021
Open every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.