E.ON alongside the Art Museum


E.ON, one of the leading energy players committed to offering solutions to make homes, condominiums and companies more efficient and independent, supports the Luigi Rovati Foundation by sharing the objectives of researching innovative and efficient solutions with low energy and environmental impact. For this reason, since the opening of the Palazzo, E.ON has been supplying the Foundation with clean energy from renewable sources.

Intending to lead the energy transition in our country, E.ON wants to make Italy more independent, digital and green, making a concrete commitment to reducing consumption, environmental impact and safeguarding the Planet

In redeveloping its headquarters, the Luigi Rovati Foundation has implemented a strategy to reduce energy consumption, paying particular attention to the environmental impact. The LEED certification of the building expresses the achievement of these objectives. It worked in an integrated manner with different professional figures, conceiving the project to reduce energy consumption and its impact on the environment, following the LEED certification path, a certification that, in addition to assessing the building’s level of sustainability, guarantees the setting up of consumption monitoring systems and their periodic recording.