Chef Andrea Aprea at the Rovati’s New Museum Restaurant


Fondazione Luigi Rovati has entrusted chef Andrea Aprea, two Michelin stars, with the direction of the gastronomic restaurant and the bar-bistro of the future Etruscan Museum. The forthcoming opening will mark the start of a new entrepreneurial project for Aprea, after ten years as Executive Chef at the VUN Andrea Aprea of ​​the Park Hyatt Milan, awarded two Michelin stars. The Chef returns today to the kitchen to continue his research path by expanding the culinary proposal from the gastronomic restaurant to the new concept of the bar-bistro.

The restaurant on the top floor, characterized by a large panoramic window, offers a glimpse over Milan: from the gardens of Porta Venezia to the extraordinary architectures of the twentieth century and the contemporary ones of the new skyline. Moreover, on the ground floor, the bar-bistro opens onto an internal pocket-garden, accessible to the public independently from the museum. Both designed by architect Flaviano Capriotti, these new spaces evoke traditional Milanese materials in a contemporary key and are conceived to interact with site-specific artworks created by young artists.

“We believe that a partner like Andrea Aprea will give added value to the museum, which will be at the center of a cultural offer characterized by multifunctionality and plurality of services, with a new strategy for Milan and for the country”, says Giovanna Forlanelli, Vice President of Fondazione Luigi Rovati.

“This new project represents for me an extraordinary personal and professional challenge. The deep understanding I have with the Rovati family led to the sharing of ideas and projects. The outcome of this kinship is reflected today in the extraordinary location of the new gastronomic restaurant and of the bar-bistro”, says chef Andrea Aprea. “I am happy to be part of this initiative that will offer a new destination not only for art, culture, and education but also for the discovery of unprecedented gastronomic itineraries.”

The museum, the restaurant, and the bar-bistro will open at the beginning of 2022.


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