The first edition of the Executive Master’s program “Culture and Health” comes to an end

The first edition of the Executive Master's Program "Culture and Health," which saw the Fondazione Luigi Rovati among the project partners and supporters, has come to an end. For the 2021/2022 edition, in fact, 13 scholarships have been offered with the intention of supporting a new training opportunity to professional figures working in the fields of culture and health.

The alliance with the Cultural Welfare Center school, fits into the philosophy most deeply rooted in the soul of the Foundation: the hybridization between the worlds of culture, health and social work, along with entrepreneurship and research.

Below is the testimonial by CCW School:


Last weekend in attendance for Master's students of the first edition of the executive track "Culture and Health," before Graduation day.

An intense year of working together and an exceptional setting: the Fondazione Luigi Rovati, which opened its museum in Corso Venezia, 52 in Milan a month ago. A symbolic building overlooking the Porta Venezia Gardens, opposite the Planetarium.

An extraordinary building redesigned by arch. Mario Cucinella. An emotional, cognitive experience that traverses history: from the acquired Etruscan art collections, preserving them from dispersion, and in dialogue with contemporary artistic production. And here is a plan interpreted by Giulio Paolini, Marianna Kennedy, Luigi Ontani, Francesco Simeti.

Technology, at the service of the visitor, for a stimulating, surprising experience.

Here the 29 Masterists from all over Italy, confronted with the creator, President Giovanna Forlanelli, who narrated the genesis and above all the mission of an unparalleled reality, wanted by a family of doctors, as an instrument of education, reception, cultural welfare.

Three days in which the collection, described as "magical" by the participants, proved to be living material for learning through experiences of practices conducted by different teachers: among others with us, Maria Grazia Panigada, Giulia Innocenti Malini.

A cohesive group of change makers is being formed, of which we are very proud: it is already a community that puts in place transformative actions in the face of a scenario that imposes new paradigms, thanks to the director Alessandra Rossi Ghiglione, the scientific committee, the management team and the operational team: Giulia Mezzalama-community manager, Claudio Tortone-tutor and Elena Cangemi-teaching coordinator.

The Master's program is made possible by the trust of the participants and a group of supporters, including the Fondazione Luigi Rovati, which has nurtured the Capacity Building Fund with scholarships and now has offered its venue as a textbook, opening up new interpretive and maieutical possibilities. We inhabit places, but places inhabit us in a principle of circularity.

We chose to have the Master's degree evaluated by an external CLES company. What we have learned will be shared to become the heritage of the country, in higher education as well as in the updating of skills, for increasingly interdisciplinary cooperations with respect to complex, multidimensional challenges of well-being of people and communities. We will discuss this in Rome, in the second half of February.

And we are working on the new edition, 2023!