40 years since the start of the University of Milan’s excavations in Tarquinia

Fondazione Luigi Rovati is participating in celebrations marking 40 years since the beginning of the University of Milan's excavations in Tarquinia. Giulio Paolucci, curator of the art museum, will speak at the international conference on Saturday, Sept. 17, with a talk entitled "For a Synergy between Public and Private. Fondazione Luigi Rovati, research and third mission of the University of Milan in Tarquinia."

On September 17 and 18, 2022, the city will come alive thanks to 'Tarquinia Project in festa,' promoted by the Milan University with the City of Tarquinia, under the patronage of the National Institute of Etruscan and Italic Studies. The event is a tribute to Maria Bonghi Jovino, an Etruscologist and professor emeritus of the University of Milan and citizen of Tarquinia, who inaugurated Milanese excavations and research in Tarquinia in 1982. It will be developed over two days that will include an international conference, to be held at the Rossella Falk Municipal Theater, and a visit to the Pianoro della Civita, where the seventh edition of Civita Aperta will take place.

The intervention of numerous scholars from different universities and national and international institutions will characterize both days of the conference. The main theme will be the different strands of research that have emerged over the years on the history of the ancient Etruscan city of Tarquinia, also through a comparison of broader themes that will concern the history and civilization of the Etruscans in contact with other populations of the Mediterranean and the Ancient world in general. This theme will also be flanked by that relating to Third Mission and Internationalization activities, which are increasingly important and at the center of the research conducted in Tarquinia by the University of Milan. Speakers at the Conference will be: G. Sassatelli (President of the National Institute of Etruscan and Italic Studies); G. Bagnasco Gianni (University of Milan); S. Stoddart (University of Cambridge); M. Minoja (City of Milan); G. Paolucci (Fondazione Luigi Rovati); N. de Grummond (Florida State University); E. Govi (Alma Mater Studiorum, Bologna); G. Bartoloni (Sapienza University of Rome); M. Gras (Ecole Française de Rome); L. Cerchiai (University of Salerno); L. Fiorini - P. Camerieri (University of Perugia); D.F. Maras - G. Borzillo (Sabap-vt-em); E. Calandra (MiC - DG Abap, ICA).


Tarquinia Project in celebration.
40 years of excavations, research and activities of the University of Milan.
Tarquinia, September 17-18, 2022

Photo Civita, Ara della Regina | CITY OF TARQUINIA | Courtesy César Vásquez Altamirano