The Statute


The Founders, Lucio Rovati, Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati and Lucrezia Rovati, have established a foundation entitled “Fondazione Luigi Rovati” (hereinafter, the “Foundation”), in memory of Professor Luigi Rovati, a physician, researcher and businessman, appointed a Knight of Labour and a Knight of the Great Cross of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

The Foundation is a non-profit entity with objectives of social utility. It is active in: (i) the promotion and optimisation of cultural, artistic and historical resources; (ii) the support and promotion of scientific research (the “Institutional Objectives”)

To these ends, the Foundation intends:

  1. to create, manage and organise museum spaces, permanent and temporary expositions open to the public, for the ongoing or occasional exhibition of art collections, eventually under agreements or conventions with the respective owners or holders, public or private;
  2. to create, manage and support cultural and educational events, exhibitions and/or publishing initiatives designed to directly or indirectly optimise museum spaces and/or the types of exhibitions referred to under point a);
  3. to support and promote activities of scientific research, in particular in the field of medicine;
  4. to support the training of researchers, including by awarding scholarships;
  5. to promote and support initiatives designed to make known the results of the scientific research promoted, through the organisation of conventions, seminars, study days and training courses;
  6. to carry out whatever other activities contribute to, or support, the achievement of the Foundation’s institutional objectives.


[Statement from the Statuto]




Create, manage and organise museum spaces, permanent and temporary exhibitions open to the public to exhibit, permanently or temporarily, art collections, also on the basis of conventions and agreements with their respective owners and holders, public and private


Implement, manage and support cultural events, editorial initiatives and exhibitions, directly or indirectly aimed at enhancing the museum spaces and/or the exhibitions indicated in point a)


Support and promote scientific research in the medical field


Support the training of researchers also through the provision of scholarships


Promote and support initiatives aimed at disseminating the results of scientific research promoted, through the organisation of conferences, seminars, study days, training courses


Perform any other appropriate activity, or support, to achieve its Institutional Purposes