Wednesday 6 July, the Fondazione Luigi Rovati lets the public in

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In 2022, the Fondazione Luigi Rovati took the first steps in the opening of its headquarters in the palazzo at no. 52 Corso Venezia, a gradual process of drawing closer to the public, in keeping with the Foundation’s role as a cultural infrastructure whose activities extend beyond the traditional concept of a museum or a space for art exhibits, creating a crossroads for thought, experimentation and sharing in a facility meant to function as an integral part of the local cultural fabric. 

In the springtime, the Foundation’s scientific and cultural activities began with a series of closed-door encounters of international specialists and experts (Worksite Encounters). 

From 6 July, the garden and its Exhibition Pavilion will be open to the public, along with the Conference Room, the Study Room, the Museum Shop, the Café-Bistro and the gourmet restaurant of Chef Andrea Aprea

Inside the Pavilion, free of charge, visitors can take in an exhibit entitled The Fondazione Luigi Rovati: Worksite and Process on the palazzo’s redesign and restoration. The display will illustrate the ongoing development of the architectural project, plus the story of the Foundation’s identity as a cultural infrastructure. 

Throughout the summer, the Conference Room will host cultural and scientific activities, including encounters and conferences open to the public.

The lending service of the Foundation’s library will operate in the Study Room.

The Museum Shop, managed by publisher Johan & Levi, will offer a selection of exclusive books and custom-made objects inspired by Foundation’s collections. 

The Café-Bistro and the gourmet restaurant will also open, both under the leadership of Chef Andrea Aprea, already a two-star Michelin honouree, now expanding his mastery of gourmet cuisine to include the innovative concept of the Café-Bistro. The interior design of the two spaces, caffè-bistrot and the restaurant, is by Flaviano Capriotti Architetti.

By Wednesday 7 September, the opening of the Art Museum will be complete, with entry free of charge for the rest of the month.