On Wednesday 7 September the Fondazione Luigi Rovati opens the Art Museum

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The Art Museum was designed and built as a site for the Foundation’s activities of experimentation and socialisation, a physical place holding objects, activities, thoughts and visions.


It is meant to serve as a venue for relations and projects involving networks of culture, science and economics, both national and international.


It presents a valuable collection of Etruscan objects and artefacts that engage in a dialogue with works of art from various eras and civilisations, all enriched by works on loan from Italy and abroad.


The exhibition layout draws on new spatial and chromatic design concepts, plus noteworthy technological features.


The exhibition area extends from the basement floor to the main floor.  The study collection, found on the sub-basement level, is available to scholars and specialists.


It provides services of particular relevance to topics of education, training and research.


As a centre for experimental study, it addresses links between cultural activities and health.


The Museum reaches out to a variety of users, in accordance with the principles of inclusion and social utility, operating as an integral part of the city, with the ultimate goal of having a beneficial economic and social impact.



Visits to the Art Museum can be reserved starting from September 1st, with tickets free of charge for the entire first month.